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Coffee Tours

We specialize in small tours so that you get to learn more about the areas that interest you. Our tour is "hands-on" as you experience each step of the "traditional" process. 

We want everyone to have fun and to have a great experience while we walk through each step of the coffee process:


  • Pick some cherries from the trees (available during harvest season)

  • Process the cherries

  • Feel and test some beans to see what the moisture content is

  • Try out our pilon and see how heavy the stick actually is

  • Roast your own coffee to take home! (each group will have a machine to roast a small batch of coffee as you learn about the roasting process)

  • Sort your coffee to make it perfect before you package it up

  • And last but not least, Drink some coffee brewed in a variety of ways.
    ​**Geisha coffee tasting is included!**

Everything needed for the tour is provided at the farm including bug spray and filtered water.

Limited Time Pricing on Adults! ​$35.00 per adult

Ages 18 and over: $35 (original price $40)

Ages 13-17: $10


Payments - Payments will be collected at the end of the tour. We accept: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Venmo, Cash, Yappy and Bank Transfers

Transportation (when booking directly with our farm using the buttons below) - If you do not have your own transportation, we can pick you up at Plaza San Francisco in Alto Boquete. (A taxi or bus from downtown Boquete to Plaza San Francisco will cost about $1 per person.) Pick up will be 15 minutes before your tour! * You can select this option on the online booking form.

Solo Travelers - Please contact our farm to which tours are available for single travelers.

Rainy Weather - Our tour area is covered and we will not cancel due to rain.

Group Tours (6 or more adults) - Please contact our farm to arrange a private tour for your group.

Discounts - The only discount we are offering right now is already included in our online pricing: 

Ages 18 and over: $35 (original price $40)

Ages 13-17: $10

Ages 0-12: Free

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