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Lease a Coffee Tree for a truly unique and memorable gift experience! With our 15-month lease starting in January, you can virtually farm your very own coffee tree for a full year. Watch the tree grow and thrive with live feed cameras and receive monthly pictures and updates on its progress. At the end of the lease, we'll ship the coffee beans directly to you, giving you the opportunity to decide how they are processed and roasted. This is not only a wonderful and educational experience, but also a sustainable way to support small-scale coffee farming. Give the gift of a Lease a Coffee Tree and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your morning cup of coffee comes from.

Lease a Coffee Tree

Lease starts in January, but you can get your certificate and access to the live feed cameras now!
    • A healthy coffee tree for the season
    • A sign that marks your tree 
    • Close-up pictures and information about your tree throughout the year
    • Tree Lease Certificate
    • Access to live-feed camera - so you can watch your tree grow, bloom and be harvested. These cameras are also good for seeing the weather and watching the workers. (Cameras are sometimes down when either the internet company or electric company are doing repairs.)
    • Coffee from your tree will be shipped to you at the end of the 15 month cycle

    The fine print:

    • The cameras require the use of an application which is available for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. 
    • Each tree comes with a guarantee of a minimum of 1 lb. in case of a natural disaster or any other issue that could arise.
    • The tree lease expires once the tree's last cherry has been picked. However, it will take a few months to process and ship your actual coffee to you.
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