roasted coffee beans
roasted coffee beans
ripe coffee cherries on vine
dark roasted coffee beans spilling from bag
Finca Casanga Logo

Finca Casanga is a small family owned and operated coffee farm in the highlands of Boquete. We believe coffee is not just a drink, but should be an experience that is cultivated through:

  • Passion
  • Science
  • Tradition
  • Responsibility (to the environment and the community) 

We hand select only the finest Arabica coffee beans and ship directly to you. These coffee beans have mild acidity, moderate body and hints of nut and chocolate.  


  • Coffee tree leasing - Great for giving as gifts too!
    • ​Watch your coffee grow while we do all of the work.
  • Custom roasted coffee
    • ​We will roast our Premium Grade #1 coffee the way you want it, or
    • Have green coffee beans shipped directly to you.
    • We also offer coffee shipped with your customized label.
  • Monthly service subscriptions also available​.

The taste of the 9th Latitude North

Premium coffee beans from the lush coffee groves of Boquete, Panama.